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Anon…Spring 2021 (Issue 6) Bookshop Quarterly  (uploaded 14/11/2021)

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Anon… Spring 2020 (Issue 3) Bookshop Quarterly Newsletter (uploaded 03/11/2020)

Anon… Winter 2020 (Issue 2) Bookshop Quarterly Newsletter (uploaded 28/07/20)

Anon… Autumn 2020 (Issue 1) Bookshop Quarterly Newsletter (uploaded 9/05/20)

What’s in a name?

In our first quarterly newsletter we invited literary suggestions for its permanent naming. Instead, we received enthusiastic support for retaining the place-holding moniker – Anon…. 

Hedging our anonymous bets, we had judged ‘Anon’ to possess suitable literary pedigree as a term in frequent use by Shakespeare and as an abbreviation of a term closely associated with writing and authorship. It seemed it made perfect sense to some of our readers – What a great title! I took it to be the abbreviation of Anonymous, the famously most prolific author of fragments of prose, poetry, short stories, aphorisms, a few whole novels, and even music compositions, along the centuries. Perfect, don’t change it, please.   How could we refuse? 💗

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Bookshop Buzz – Spring Edition 2018  (uploaded 19/09/18)