Donations advice

Cleaning out your bookshelves? Downsizing?
We love your donations – we can’t operate without them!

There are a few things we’d like you consider when you donate to us, to make it easier for you and our volunteers.

Bags and boxes

We have some recommendations. Please:

  • choose smaller size bags and boxes
    (such as supermarket bags, 1/2 dozen wine pack boxes, or smaller-size fruit boxes)
  • pack them evenly, with the contents level with the top of the container
    (we often have to stack them and this makes it easier for us)

Small donations

Up to two bags / boxes as suggested above

  • Bring to the front desk during opening hours – our desk volunteers will take care of them

Large donations

  • Bring to our back entrance Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings only
    Our desk volunteers are unable to assist with this
  • Are accepted at our back entrance at other times by appointment only
    Contact us through our Contact page only to make a time
    (please don’t phone – our desk volunteers will be unable to assist with this)
  • Address: south side of Wakefield Street, between 285 Wakefield Street and 91 Hutt Street (corner) – private car park 16
    Some unticketed street parking is available nearby in Wakefield Street, and there is a loading zone adjacent the entrance to the car park

Materials we don’t accept

  • encyclopedia
  • VHS tape recordings
  • vinyl recordings
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • magazines such as the Australian Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day
  • magazines older than a year unless they are very old or of special interest
  • magazine series in binders
  • DVDs not made for widescreen – we are happy to take those that are

Many thanks for your donations and your consideration