Our shelves #3…


Several areas in the shop are dedicated to displays of our stock.

Shelf end panels hold selected titles from nearby shelves.
You can also navigate your way around the shop as we have comprehensive shelf contents lists on the end panels.

Other areas are dedicated to particular displays.
Look for a selection of Australian authors and a themed display in Row 1.
A case containing some ‘special’ books is in front of Rows 2 & 3.
Prize-winning authors are feature is at in front of Rows 4 & 5.

In the Lounge area, one wall panel is devoted to a themed display, and the ‘carousel’ in the front window contains a different themed display.
Good enough to Gift and Recent Acquisitions are featured on the bench.

And of course, some of our subject shelves may have little displays of their own.

Recent Lounge area display
Recent cooking display

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