When it’s not business as usual…

This week is usually frenetically busy in the back rooms of the Bookshop as final arrangements are put in place for the Bookshop’s March $1 Super Sidewalk Sale. We can reflect upon how last year’s March sale marked the beginning of a very surreal year for everyone which saw the Bookshop close temporarily, adjust to a Covid-Safe Plan, and the absence of the October sale.

While we optimistically hoped life would have returned to our previous ‘normal’ by now, it isn’t the case and as such we are still bound by Covid-safe guidelines which require social distancing… anyone familiar with our sales will know how very challenging this would be. Hence, the decision was regretfully made to miss our March sale as well. In the meantime we hope that if you are one of our many committed sale regulars you will still find some excellent bargains in the Bookshop until we can viably reintroduce our March and October events.

We have been immensely grateful for the incredible support from our customers over the last year which has kept us enthusiastic and committed to the ongoing life of the Bookshop as a volunteer organisation raising critical funds for aid projects. Thank you! ❤️



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