Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response


Dear Customers,
The Bookshop will continue to open for our regular hours 9am-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, at this time. The Bookshop’s Management Committee recognizes its duty of care to both volunteers and customers and in response to government health warnings and advice, has issued a set of Coronavirus precautionary measures for our volunteer group to follow.

We also ask that all customers follow the precautions outlined in government communications toward containment of the Coronavirus, and specifically do not visit the bookshop if feeling unwell.

The Bookshop Committee’s Co-Chairs will determine timing of any temporary closure to the Bookshop, if and when required. Volunteers will be emailed immediately if a confirmed case of Coronavirus occurs within the group, and in the event of a closure volunteers must not enter the Bookshop building at any time until advised otherwise.

Please call the Bookshop on 8122 5870 (during opening hours) or refer to our social media notifications for up-to-date information regarding the Bookshop’s current status. See our Facebook, Instagram and website pages – links below.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you all good health. Take care. (‘Oxfam Second Hand Bookshop’)

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