Welcome to the Future!

LPlate Learners 20200131

Hello! The Bookshop is pleased to announce we have introduced a new whizz-bang (not literally 💫💥) Point Of Sale system which is expected to be a smoother and smarter transaction process for all. But please be aware all our fearless front desk volunteers 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️will be in Learner mode 👩‍🎓 for the next few months and so we ask all our customers to be understanding and patient; as the challenge of becoming fluent with unfamiliar technology can be intimidating 😥…. especially with an audience. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We have endeavoured to make the transition as easy as possible, rostering experienced volunteers 👨‍🏫 on to mentor others in the new system. 

And while we have your attention – please remember the Bookshop has a new contact phone number: (08) 8122 5870.

While all phone calls are answered in the Bookshop (usually only during opening hours), messages to our Facebook page via Messenger, and to the Bookshop via this page’s contact link are received and answered off-site without real-time access to our Bookshop stock. This is why we recommend visiting or phoning the Bookshop direct with any book/stock enquiries for prompt service.

Many thanks!   

#oxfamsecondhandbookshop #oxfambooksadelaide



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