Bookshop Buzz – Spring Edition

(Public Version of the Bookshop’s Email Newsletter)

Note: Old shelf labels…. Drop by the Bookshop to feast your eyes upon the eye catching brand new ones!.

Hi everyone!

Well, Spring has sprung and we are on the road to warmer and longer days and more time out and about. Lots going on in and around the bookshop, here are some highlights….


Our subject specialists are starting to put away books, CDs and DVD away for the next sale, Saturday October 20. Mark it in the diaries, a request for helpers will come out closer to the date.

We are also having a special science fiction sale. We have had a very generous donation of sci-fi books from two brothers who are moving and have left their vast collection to us.  There are so many  we are having a special sci/fi sale on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November. More information closer to the date.

And for those who plan ahead – our first sale of 2019 is on March 16.

A man walked into a bookshop………

A couple of Fridays ago a customer bought several hundred $$ worth of books, mostly from the curiosities and collectibles area.  He bought them to adorn his laneway bar opening soon in Leigh St in the city.  So when next you are bar hopping in the area, keep an eye out for a wall of books!

We are on film

Early last month we had a film crew in the bookshop. We will be part of a promotional film put together for prospective buyers of new apartments to be built in Hutt St. They wanted to film businesses in and around Hutt St to demonstrate the great vibe Hutt St and entice people to live here.  We were more than happy to be part of the filming and hopefully  we don’t end up on the cutting room floor!

And in magazines

We are delighted the October edition of the Adelaide Review will feature a lengthy article (with pictures!) about the Bookshop – from its beginnings to today – written by one of our desk volunteers ‘I’ who is also a freelance writer. We are already on the delivery rounds for the Adelaide Review but may have to increase the order for this special October edition. We are looking forward with great anticipation to reading the article. Be sure to check it out for yourselves.

Recycling – we need your boot!

Alas, back to more mundane, but nevertheless important, matters. The recycling centre we have used for some years does not take books any more. We are asking all volunteers who bring their car in, to take a few boxes home with them. In this way we hope we can manage the load across all our volunteers. Many thanks to those who have occasionally taken big loads out to the recycling centre at Wingfield.

New signs

The new signage is nearly finished, thanks to F and J for helping to update the row and shelf signs. Next step is to get new shelf strips (which we now know are called data strips) and replace those that are hanging on by blu-tak, sticky tape or just a wing and a prayer.

If subject specialists want new/additional signs please get in touch with RM. Likewise desk volunteers, if you have suggestions to improve the signage please let RM know.

That’s it, until next time but hope to see you about the Bookshop!

(PS – New outdoor flag banners for the Bookshop have now been designed and ordered to replace the rather faded ones we currently have. Spoiler alert – look for a different colour!)


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