Winter Blues?

For many this past Winter was a bit of a doozy – unrelentingly plagued with colds, coughs and other ailments. In August, as the afflicted (whether by virus or due to absent sunshine) lay confined to an indoor life the Bookshop gave our dear readers a little treat in the form of our ‘Curl Up with a Cuppa!’ limited offer packs for just $10. Whether for oneself or a sick friend, these were a purrrrfect Winter pick-me-up – comprised of as-new recently published fiction (RRP $20+), a cheery mug for copious hot beverages (preferably OXFAM Fair Tea or Coffee), and last but not least a bar of OXFAM Fair CHOCOLATE!!!  Just right for wintry weather. You can’t get Fairer than that! FB CurlUpspreadB

For those who missed out, we will be offering a limited number of Christmas Gift packs for sale in November-December this year, along with the annual Kris Kringle Mystery Fiction offer.

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